A journey along scuba diving trips around Murter Island.

About Murter Island & the Kornati Archipelago

Murter Island is located in central Dalmatia on the east Adriatic coast. The small island is a popular tourist destination featuring beautiful beaches and providing close access to the Kornati archipelago.

Diving Spots

Using Murter island as a starting point, interesting diving sites already start as close as a 5-10 min boat trip to the small island of Visovac which is safe to dive with winds coming from any direction which usually prevent a lot of sites to be dived at because of the lack of a safe anchor point.

The furthest diving spots, still in a sensible range for a day trip from Murter, can be found at the islands of Kornat, Žut, Piškera, Kaprije, Žirje. If you want to benefit of the usually richer underwater life inside the Kornati National Park, e.g. when diving at Kornat island, you need to use a diving center which has the special permission to organize dives there.

If you like wrecks there also are some interesting ones near to Murter. Francesca di Rimini is one of the most famous wrecks in the Adriatic. A bit easier to dive lying only a few meters below the surface is a scenic coal freighter wreck near Babuljaš island.

What to see

In addition to your dive buddy you really can see a lot of fascinating scenery, flora and fauna when diving the Kornati Islands. Drop-offs starting from as 10m below the surface, wrecks, red corral found already as high as 25m, octopuses, crustaceans, sea slugs and fish in a large variety of different colours - As long as you are not only looking for big fish, you'll likely see your choice of most popular underwater sight.

Studies related to climate warming and related changes in Mediterranean marine biota have shown, that fauna and flora has been getting even more colorful due to invasion of tropical marine species in the Northern Adriatic in recent years. That may or may not be good for the fauna and flora there, scuba divers will at least benefit from it in the short- to mid-term.

The diving center

My wife and I have been diving at Kornati Nautilus Diving Center for 10 years now. So, we only can recommend it! The diving center is lead by Miljenko Brklja?i? and Aleksandar - Saša - Juraga and also offers apartments right at the diving center as well as rooms in a hotel in addition to their diving services. We always enjoy their warm hospitality and the really nice dives they provided us with!